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Contractor Delivery Services

Permit application delivery and rush delivery of parts and supplies to the job site.

Do you run a busy contracting or construction business? Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Grading, and any contractor that requires county building permits and/or has workers at remote job sites.

Are you paying field/office employees to wait in long permit lines or site in traffic driving to and from the job site because someone forgot a part, tool, or needed supplies?

Have you calculated how much this is really costing when you consider high labor costs, benefits, taxes, and fuel/vehicle expenses?... Not to mention the loss of production time while that employee's job is not getting done.

Green Delivery Service can not only save you money directly by handling these routine tasks, but we can also make your life a lot easier at the same time. By using an outside service for delivery/errand tasks, you can better plan the use of your employees. [Examples]

Wouldn't things run more smoothly if everyone was doing their own job all the time?

Permit Application Runs

An outside delivery service can save you money and free up valuable employee time by handling the time-consuming and unpredictable task of delivering, waiting for, and returning your permit applications. You usually need your permit back the same day, or even within a few hours. With overnight delivery, you pay twice and you'll get it back in three days. Green Delivery Service will run your permits in the same day and wait, or drop them off and pick up later the same day or the following day (your choice).
  • Have your permit back the same day.
  • Use no employee time, contractor time, or your time.
  • You choose service level: Same-Day, Rush. One Roundtrip or two one-way trips.
  • 50% off return trip when ordered as a round-trip.
  • First 5 minutes of waiting time FREE. Additional waiting at only $0.35/minute.

Rush delivery of parts, supplies, and tools to your site.

  • Don't tie up your skilled personnel. Leave workers on the job, not driving around.
  • Faster than calling someone back from a remote job site.
  • Costs less than pulling an employee off the job.
  • Does not reduce staff/productivity in the field.

Customer needs part NOW!

When something breaks at a customer occupied site, you need to take care of it immediately. Sometimes, only a part may be required, and not a technician. Don't pull someone off another job, or out of your office, just to deliver the replacement item out to the customer. Relax, call Green Delivery, and forget about it.

Rush courier service is our specialty at Green Delivery Service. Our unique dispatch system and localized resource management means that if you are inside our core service are, we will be able to provide faster pickup and delivery than any other service, and do so at surprisingly affordable rates for sameday and rush service. [More]

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