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Purchasing Manager Information

The area you have entered is still under construction.

Sorry, we are still updating the Purchasing Manager information pages. In the meantime, please see the business owner information area for similar content, including useful information on decreasing the overall costs of your delivery operations (both outsourced and in-house).

Please check back soon for pages specific to purchasing and contracts, including government and enterprise logistics, inter-office mail, and distribution. No contract is too small or too large for Green Delivery Service, as long the geographic scope is within our service area. We currently handle delivery contracts and routes for several of the areas largest companies, and have a near perfect renewal rate on existing contracts. We are small enough to be easy do deal with, yet big enough to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

Update: 11/18/09.

We are almost finished with the new site!There are still just a few areas being finalized, mostly in dynamic areas, such as MyGreen login, reports, and tracking.

Please see the site-map which indicates the status of most of the pages.Thank You!
The Green Delivery Service Team

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