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Discounted Courier Service - Round-trip

Are you getting charged full-price for same day courier return trips? Green Delivery Service offer clients 50% off the return delivery, as long as you meet the following simple requirements:
  • Your order is originally requested as a "round-trip".
  • The return trip can be picked up by the same driver at the time the first shipment is delivered.
    (waiting time is OK, and the first 10 minutes is free)
  • The starting point of the first delivery is within our primary service area.
As with most of our discounts, the roundtrip discount can be applied on top of other courier discounts, including discounted service classes.
Example: Round-Trip Discount
40 lb box Green
 3 Hour
Same Day
Lanham MD to Upper Marlboro 34.60 24.60 19.68
Upper Marlboro to Lanham MD 17.30 12.30   9.84
* See below for details.

Example: Round-Trip Discount and Mutliple Pickup Discount (4 deliveries)
40 lb box Green
 3 Hour
Same Day
Lanham MD to Upper Marlboro 24.60 19.68
Upper Marlboro to Lanham MD 12.30   9.84
Lanham MD to Forestville MD 18.50 16.29
Lanham MD to Landover MD   9.68   8.85
* Note that in the above example, only the first delivery is at full price. See below for details. See Multiple Pickup Discount page for multiple pickup restrictions.

* If driver is required to wait at the exchange, the first 10 minutes are free. Above 10 minutes, waiting time charged at 40 cents per minute. Notify dispatcher when ordering if waiting time is expected. Discount may not apply in all cases (eg starting point outside service area, orders with urgent rush deadlines in both directions).

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