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Same Day Courier Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

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Reduce shipping costs and get it there faster at the same time.

Same-Day Courier vs. national overnight express shipping, for local area deliveries.

Example 2: 40 lb box from College Park MD to Bethesda MD
Next Day Air
Same Day
 3 Hour
$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$ $$ $$ $$$

Here is an example of the cost savings of sending a 40 lb box via Green Delivery Service same day courier vs overnight courier. The courier rate comparison table in the previous example demonstrated that the as the weight your shipment increases, you save even more money and same-day delivery costs even less than standard and 3-day ground once you reach a certain weight.

This is just one example, but similar savings apply to all destination addresses within the Green Delivery Service primary service (refer to the map below). You will generally save money with Green Same-Day everywhere within the green zone. In the yellow zone, delivery prices for a 40lb box are approximately the same but with same-day you still have the advantage of faster delivery and fewer people handling your packages. Inside the red line, your rate might be less for overnight on the 40lb box, but you still save money with Green Same-Day on shipments weighing over 40 lbs.