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Selecting A Courier Service

Choosing the right courier for your delivery.

Which courier has the best rates? How can I reduce my shipping costs for overnight and rush deliveries?

The answers may surprise many business owners, shipping managers, and office managers. Green Delivery Service is dedicated to maximizing our efficiency in every aspect of our courier operations. Whether you are sending a rush package, a same-day delivery, or overnight freight; if your destination is within our service area, you will likely not find a more economical way to ship your urgent materials from point A to point B.

These examples are focused on rates, and reducing shipping costs, but in all cases your level of service will also be improved at the same time. After all, how important is saving a few dollars on a delivery if it adversely affects service to your customer? For more information on how Green Delivery Service can improve your entire shipping experience (aside from reducing costs), see Green Delivery Service Advantages.

Courier Rate Comparisons

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